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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 27 - TARLEY!

Another podcast that I love - -

Tarley Reed joined me to talk emotional intelligence and I was so curious to hear her take on it, seeing that she is an emotional intelligence coach.

I feel super grateful to have been able to connect with Tarley. It felt divinely orchestrated and came together so easily. We had only been "introduced" over Facebook a couple of days ago and this was the first time we had ever spoken live in person- but I just had a feeling that it was right. AND IT WAS.

My main takeaways were related to:

- Feeling your feelings, ESPECIALLY the ones hiding underneath the surface feeling (i.e. overwhelm may be hiding the feeling you're actually afraid to feel... like depression)

- Resistance is the only thing keeping emotions in place, which can stagnate your whole life and creates repeating patterns of events, relationships and pesky, pesky feelings

- SLOWING IT DOWN is so, so, so important. There's no need to rush everything - "Why are you eating/walking/talking so fast?" When you slow down, you actually are able to feel the feelings that you have been avoiding and then that energy can MOVE.

- When energy starts to move, your whole orientation to life will shift.

Enjoy - there's some seriously good stuff in here.

Love, -Emilia Ann

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