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In January 2022, I was walking around the land here in Sedona and felt magnetized towards a particular Juniper tree. (Also, kind of weirdly—it didn't look like a Juniper most would consider beautiful.)

As I was admiring all of its textures and colors, I looked down and saw a "wing" in one of the branches—and in a split second there was an instantaneous knowing:

"There's an angel in this tree."

I didn't know what that meant, but I took photos of the parts of the Juniper I loved without planning or thinking about how they might fit together.

Later that night, out of curiosity, I put the images into photoshop and started arranging them to see what would happen...

... There was an angel in the tree.

More than ever,

- Emilia

P.S. If you're drawn toward having a copy of this, it literally can be printed up to 4x8 feet. Reach out or email for a quote.


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