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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 20 - PAOLA!

This podcast pushed me way out of my comfort zone. I did a live coaching call with Paola Castro (of Paola Castro Coaching), specifically about the sadness that has seemed to follow me around for the past year. At times (and even recently) it felt absolutely insurmountable and like the depression was going to swallow me whole, so I figured talking with Paola about this on the podcast she had agreed to do with me would be a fantastic opportunity and really helpful for anyone else experiencing similar feelings.

She took me on a journey. And it was emotional. It's hard to describe, but you can certainly go on the journey with me, or go on your own journey to more self love and acceptance. The format absolutely lends itself to you filling in your own answers.

I hope this audio brings you greater feelings of peace! It certainly did for me.

Love, - Emilia Ann

Paola does coaching one-on-one and with groups.

She also has a book available for purchase!

Listen and Subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcasts: Search for "Life with Emilia Ann"

Listen on Soundcloud:

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