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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 32 - Empathic Healing (Matt Kahn Recap)

David and I drove to Toronto this weekend to see Matt Kahn speak live and it blew us both out of the water. I was so so so excited to share about our experience I asked Jay if I could come in today to record. I hope the insights and gifts we received translate and get passed on to you!

We go on a journey though some pretty cool concepts and tools:

- What it's like to be empathic/energetically sensitive and how that may affect your life

- All you need to do (breathe, love thyself and bless others)

- Bless others with either the opposite of what your feeling or with whatever feeling you would like to create more of in your life

- The two different spiritual paths (Hint: one is for narcissists and one is for the energetically sensitive. You may be on the wrong path. I have been.)

- Healing the dark night of the soul

- Give your dreams, yourself and your problems space

- What grief really is and how the people and animals you love help you to heal

I love.



Love this podcast.

Please listen to it and heal. I hope it helps soften the edges of your heart from too many years of self-criticism. I hope the content makes you feel as peaceful as it does for me.

May you be blessed with a gentle awakening into the light.

Love always,

- Emilia Ann

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