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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 21 - RYTHMIA RECAP!


- Briefly about authority programs and feeling like I was going to get in trouble at work (Update: Didn't even happen. Triggered for nothing.) - Takeaways and highlights from my third visit to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica

>> You create with your attention >> No amount of external love and validation is going to make me happy >> Self-love is going to be an ongoing journey, not a quick fix >> Feeling bad is much more familiar to me than feeling good >> Just freakin' enjoy your life

- Gratefulness - Power vs. Force - Prayer and free will

Covered all kinds of stuff. It seemed coherent at the time. Haha.


AND if you decide to go to Rythmia, please tell them I sent you!!!

Love, -Emilia Ann

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