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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 22 - SAMI!

Sami and I have joined forces to bring you an in depth analysis of BURDENS and self-reliance.

- Speaking about your burdens and asking for advice from others doesn't actually make you feel better or make you any more clear (and it takes away your power!)

- Don't waste other people's precious time telling them your burdens and asking their advice if you're not going to follow it

- You only carry the burdens you wish to carry

- You may be choosing to be burdened if you believe that it makes you important

- Use your creative energy to create better programs! And be cool with wherever you are in the process. Enjoy the unfolding of what you want. There's no rush.

Much love to you all,

- Emilia Ann (and the lovely Sami Rae!)

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