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Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 15 - Christmas and Contradictions

Part 1: Creative Holiday and Christmas Gifts (or any other time gifts)

In the first third or so of this podcast I go over my super secret method of generating thoughtful and creative gift ideas. Turns out, I have created quite the process. I teach you:

- Gifting consciousness - Easy idea management / record keeping

- Gift mapping and the three essential questions to ask

- How to put your mind's natural problem solving abilities to work for you

(That description sounded quite good and persuasive to make you want to listen to it, I think! Hooray!)

Part 2: Contradictions in Personal Development

In a somewhat abrupt transition, which I thought may end up happening, we moved into my musings about all of the (seemingly) contradictory information I have read and gathered in the field of personal growth in the past six years. I talk a lot about how I'm not sure what the "right" path is or what the "right" answers are. I feel a great responsibility to present things as a point of view, to make you aware that it is my perception of things I have heard, which could be just something that they have heard from someone else. On top of it, the more I read, the more I find that different people say different and often completely opposite things from one another. Is life about feeling good now or about feeling your unintegrated feelings? Is positive thinking suppression? Are people sent to show you what you have left to forgive or are they basically punishment for your negative thoughts? Is it all divinely orchestrated, whether or not you perceive it to be good or bad?I don't have the answers, like I said. But maybe listening to me talk about my own confusion will make you feel less alone, or provide some sort of consolation if you get to that point in the future where you aren't sure how it all adds up. Confusion is normal. (Also, I've heard that confusion is the first step towards true wisdom.)

So. Wisdom, here I come. Hahah.


- Emilia Ann

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